Tokyo Revengers Manga Review

We can say that this manga is a combination of the delinquent genre and the concept of time travel all in one. This combination sounds strange, but it works very well, as evidenced by the Tokyo Revengers manga series that leaves readers breathless. Apart from that, this manga also talks about friendship, bombship, and the characters’ efforts while fighting for their lives. Tokyo Revengers is a profound story that is much more than this synopsis. Let’s dive deeper into it.

Tokyo Revenger’s Story

Wakui Ken has set the story of Tokyo Revengers in an excellent position so that the plot is constantly upgraded and built on. Still, it never falls into monotony and repetition. There is always a direction in which the story moves, while the main character Hanagaki always has one or more motives that keep him moving forward.

So every time Hanagaki travels back in time, he has a reason for wanting to fix the future; every time he travels to the future, he has the expectation and hopes that his actions in the past have changed something in the future. Almost every time he goes back to the past or forward to the end, Hanagaki realizes that his plans have been turned upside down and that everything has turned out the opposite of what he planned, something that he is not prepared for always happens.

This is a clever setup for which Waku Ken, the manga writer, should be given huge credit. Also, in Tokyo Revengers, there is a decent amount of world-building that is not done in the typical and expected way but through the characters’ characterization, which adds to the breadth and depth of the story itself. Wakui Ken builds an account through the characters, presenting their childhood and past history that connects them differently.

We don’t expect heartfelt insight in a manga about delinquents and criminals. The relationships between delinquents are fully fleshed out: you know who’s best buddies, and you see it, and you know it. You also get to see a lot of their families. The relationships between close people and the divisions between others are central to what drives the push and flow of the conflict.


Art is amazing. Each character has a specific and detailed design: Face shape, pupils, hair texture, everything! It’s crazy how much detail can go into these things. What is especially incredible is that some characters are shown at different ages, and their faces are faithfully shown and in development.

At the same time, the change in their bodies is noticeable and very realistic. Each character is a person of his own, and this can be seen not only through the dialogues and what they do but also through their appearance. I like how Draken and Hakkai look the most. The characters Of all things, the characters are the best of all in this manga.

If the highlight of a delinquent manga is a mutual disagreement between characters, then those characters must be engaging, right? In this story, they are too interesting! The personalities of these characters created by Wakui Ken are incredibly complex and layered. None of them is completely good or completely bad. Each of them is fallible to some degree. So we don’t only see them in moments when they are at full strength and when they are beating several opponents simultaneously, but also in their weaknesses, when they are sad and sensitive. We get glimpses into their past, allowing us to understand how they became what they were.

And then, we see how they change concerning Hanagaki’s interventions, and watching how Hanagaki becomes a catalyst, a key, is a tremendous satisfaction in itself. This way of telling stories is refreshing compared to other anime since it uses something everyone goes through in life, and until now, we have not seen characters like this in the manga. Honest conversations and realism down to the bone are entirely human, which other manga generally avoids due to creative freedom or other reasons. I have heard countless times that the main character in this manga is Hanagaki sucks and wuss and that many people give up on this manga because of that, but NO!

The point is that even though Haganaki is not the best fighter of all, and he is not the most cunning, he has the most heart and never gives up! In a sense, Haganaki is a foil to everyone around him. Surrounded by all these strong people, he, the weakest of them all, is excellent and probably the greatest because he decided and took it upon himself to make a change. I enjoyed reading this manga a lot!

The pacing of the Tokyo Revengers manga is fantastic, first of all. The chapters are long and detailed, and multiple things happen in each chapter. This is a bit weird, but I liked all the characters, regardless of whether they were good or bad and regardless of what they did, because, first and foremost, they were presented as people with their problems. This was important to me because I’ve read a lot of manga dealing with fantastical themes.

Potential Flaws of Tokyo Revengers

As always, I end with questions about plot stability that have not been answered. How does Naoto always know the timeline has changed? Shouldn’t his memory be altered every time the Haganaki travels through time? What happens to the Haganaki in the past when they Haganaki goes to the future? How does Naoto realize by shaking Haganaki’s hand that Haganaki can travel precisely 12 years into the past or the future?

This is a bizarre conclusion, which is not bad but needs to be explained in any way in the manga itself. What do you think about this? Seems weird to you? Please write to us in the comments or join our discord group, where we discuss this and other manga.


Finally, this is a great manga and one of my favourites. I’ve read it more than once, and I’ll read it at least one more time. Although some questions about the plot still need to be solved, it did not bother me to carefully follow the adventures and conflicts of the characters in the Tokyo Revengers manga series. How did you like this manga? Write to us in a comment!

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