Spy X Family Manga Review

An elite spy and master of disguise, he takes on the most challenging task he has had so far. He must disguise himself as a family man to solve his next mission and approach his next target. Our hero, Twilight, has no choice but to find a wife and child as a cover and all without revealing his identity, but they are the only ones who keep the secret… This is where the story begins.

Story of Spy X Family

The plot is set in the 1960s, in an area reminiscent of Germany; the Westails and Ostania nations achieved peace after many years of war. But the fact that they agreed to a truce does not mean they trust each other. This is the moment when spies enter the scene.

One of the best among them, on the side of the Westails named Twilight, takes on an unprecedented task. One of the best spies is tasked with investigating everything about a man named Donovan Desmond. It sounds like a simple task that Twilight has handled very quickly. Still, the problem now is that Donovan is going nowhere except for events at the illustrious Eden Academy. Since the agency realizes that the only way to infiltrate this society is to become a family man, Twilight has to find a family within a week – a wife and a child.

This is a particularly demanding task since Twilight has continuously operated alone so far, and the fact that he has to rely on others is harsh for him. He has to rely on the child, which makes this task the hardest yet! Fortunately, our hero finds an orphan named Anya, takes on the role of a doctor named Lloyd Forger, and the story begins! Spy x Family is not a classic spy story like, say, the one about James Bond.

What separates this manga from such stories and other manga is comedy and an inexhaustible source of humour, which is supported by action and heartwarming situations of love and understanding. Much of the action is set in the Eden Academy mentioned above, as little Annya must infiltrate and clear the way for Twilight to approach Donovan, his target. The manga is made up of single-chapter episodes and longer arcs. For the former, it’s a mix of lighter fare (including some characters I doubt will be revisited or, if so, will be in another filler story) and character/plot development, like introducing Twilight’s kohai or Yor second-guessing her contract killing career.


Tatsuya Endo is the creator of this story and illustrations, and as someone who reads a lot of shonen manga, this genre influenced the art style of Spy x Family. Endo certainly did a fantastic job with this manga, both in terms of the story and plot.

One of the best parts is the illustration of the characters, the way their faces and bodies are drawn. Here, a lot of attention has also been paid to the illustration of secondary characters, and the quality of the art is at a desirable level. However, what can be noticed when it comes to the illustration is the way in which the female characters are drawn. Almost everyone has the same head shape and facial appearance, which brings monotony to the visual aspect of the Spy x Family manga.

One of the things I liked the most about this manga was how the action situations were portrayed. Twilight and Yor engage in fights throughout the manga, which are always depicted in a very dynamic way, with Endo showcasing the movement of the characters with the line work.

How the main character Twilight is designed should be especially emphasized. He is a typical beauty, young with a strong body. The design of this character is impressive and goes well with his ability to infiltrate high society and charm not only women but also men and get what he needs from them.

The daughter, Anya, is adorable with her tiny build and big round eyes. The way she is designed perfectly reflects her naivety and spontaneity characteristic of young children. She, in combination with Twilight, his wife, who is also an assassin, but Twilight will only find out later, creates the image of a perfect high-class family, which our Spy needs to complete his mission.

More About Spy X Family’s Story

The story of Spy x Family can easily switch between action-focused moments of espionage and the quiet atmosphere in which the relationships between the devious characters develop.

There is also a macro-micro balance in the drama of this manga, with extensive international polychaetes that continuously push the plot forward on one side and on the other side families – schools that give uniqueness to each chapter. Additionally, there’s always the question of whether this essentially fake Family will develop any real emotions and relationships that will keep them together long after Twilight’s mission is over.


Komei is the biggest and best reason to read this manga. This is a hilarious and hilarious manga that combines shonen elements with espionage elements. The three protagonists, Twilight, Yor and Anya, create a dynamic triangle in which the humour overflows and grows close to your heart.

Twilight’s coolness and professionalism are often shattered by Any’s spontaneity and naivety, but in such a way that you’ll be holding your stomach with laughter. I won’t divulge more details, but I’ll say that if you’re looking for fun and laughs, get this manga ASAP!


This is the most authentic manga I’ve read precisely because it combines seemingly incompatible elements in a fun and dynamic way. The subject is sombre, but it is presented humorously and funnily. What remains in my memory after reading Spy x Family is the smile on my face and the joy that art can entertain us so much that we think about how beautiful life is. That was the case with me! How did you like this manga? Of course, tell us on our Discord!

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