Ikemen Joshi to Josou Danshi

A Handsome Girl and a Crossdressing Guy Got Me Into Manga

I’ve never been the biggest reader. But there’s this one manga I’ve been reading over the past few days that really gets me thinking: How could I not have read mangas until now? That manga is called Ikemen Joshi to Josou Danshi, or While Cross-Dressing, I Was Hit on by a Handsome Guy!

Synopsis of Ikemen Joshi to Josou Danshi

You follow the story of Akizakura Iori and Rindou Hazuki. Iori, a male 19 years old, is sent out into the street crossdressing thanks to losing a bet. Hazuki, a female 26 years old, flirts with Iori, and the two immediately head off to a motel. Great success.

The two fall in love with each other, and Iori keeps the crossdressing up as well. As the two live through their partnership, you accompany them through different situations, most of the time funny.

This manga could be declared Slice of Life, Comedy and Romance. However, the romance part is minuscule.

How I Started Reading Ikemen Joshi to Josou Danshi

One day, a Discord conversation, for whatever reason, became cross-dressing themed. Then the DM of the DnD session I participated in sent this Manga in. Now, as I said, I’ve never been one to read much, but somehow the light-hearted setting and art style got to me immediately after the first chapter.

Furthermore, there’s many pictures (duh for a manga). Makes the reading easier if there’s less to read.

Why I Continue Reading

I have since continued reading and am almost at the point of catching up to the most up-to-date chapter. Having always been a fan of slice-of-life stuff, Ikemen Joshi to Josou Danshi immediately spoke to me. It managed to reel me in and get me invested in the relationship between the 2.

Its light-heartedness and cuteness keep me entertained panel by panel. And if that is not enough, there is a beach arc.

How to Read Ikemen Joshi to Josou Danshi for Yourself

The best thing about this manga is that it’s being released to the internet for free! If you can read Japanese, new chapters release on the author TADD’s Twitter as well as their Pixiv. However, if you cannot read Japanese, there are a few dedicated people translating every chapter for free. You can find those pages on a few different websites. Just ask Dr. Google!

If you want to read more about manga, check THIS out!

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