One Piece Thousand Storm

One Piece Thousand Storm – Global Had Great Potential

One Piece Thousand Storm is a mobile game set in the expansive world of One Piece. Reeling in many different players across the globe, the Japan-only game even spawned a global server version. Unfortunately, the latter didn’t survive for very long.

The Game of One Piece Thousand Storm

Innovative controls would be the greatness of this mobile game.

The player can control their characters along a corridor, facing enemies in waves. The AI chooses which enemy to attack (can be overridden by manual tapping) and does normal attacks. The player controlled one big action. He chose when to use special attacks and skills.

Later on, a feature was developed, which allowed the player to swipe on the screen. Wherever that swipe would go would mean the character of the player would dash into that direction.

The simplistic controls of this game allowed for easy, yet great enjoyment. It even reeled in players, like me, that normally wouldn’t play mobile games.

Ah, The thought of being immersed in the One Piece world!

The Negatives of One Piece Thousand Storm

However, the problem that always plagued this game is the pay-to-win aspect. As with basically all Gacha games, players have to spend money on rolls to get better character skills and specials. Therefore, One Piece Thousand Storm also followed this formula. The biggest difference to other games, however, is that One Piece Thousand Storm requires such a heavy amount of money spent.

This heavy pay-to-win aspect was one case of throwing people off. Still, one more aspect would haunt the global version.

The developers chose to not just translate the game and region-unlock it. Instead, another version with longer event times was executed. Longer event times meant that the global version not only started many months after the Japan-only version, it would also gradually fall behind on schedule. Many players stopped playing after some time due to this circumstance.

The developers and publishers doomed the global version from the start.

Who Was Behind This Blunder?

DeNA Co. is the developer behind many mobile games. One Piece Thousand Storm was one of them. Other games made by the company include:

  • One Piece Setting Sail!
  • Miitomo
  • Super Mario Run
  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Pokémon Masters
  • Mario Kart Tour

As you can see, many of the companies games are related to Japanese company Nintendo. However, the One Piece games relate to another publisher.

Bandai Namco Entertainment is the sole biggest publisher for anime-based video games. They are the right holders behind many well-known franchises such as One Piece, DragonBall, Naruto and even Sword Art Online.

The Uprising of Gamers Against Bandai

Bandai Namco Entertainment received the bulk of hate from players of the One Piece Thousand Storm Global version. At one point, this all boiled to such an extent that one of the “leaders” in this revolt stirred up fellow players to mass send a letter of complaint to Bandai Namco. Of course, this letter, or petition was dismissed.

To this day, I do not really know what that petition said. It was in Japanese, after all, which I can’t read.

How I Related To One Piece Thousand Storm

Those days, even though they were riddled with many downs, remain fond in my memories. The reason is a relatively simple one. I used to be a content creator for the game. If you informed yourself about One Piece Thousand Storm Global on YouTube back then, you might have come across my channel.

First, it had a too long name: One Piece Thousand Storm Global Help Fan Channel.

I don’t know what I though when I named the YouTube channel that. However, later I came to my senses and renamed to OP Julian. You might have seen one of my thumbnails only. It was a product of the times and simplicity.

White Impact font on black background with character PNGs and the OPTS logo in the middle. It looked like this:

Ahh, the memories.

As a YouTuber with relative success in the niche, I was invited to the Discord server the above mentioned “uprising” originated in. Unfortunately, that server was made with mostly the global version in mind, so it is no longer active, even though it tried to stay active after the global servers shut down. It tried to cater to the Japanese servers players. It seems like they didn’t quite succeed.

Some of my fondest memories came from that time. Even some online friends from that time I still have contact with nowadays.

However, nowadays I have moved on from that time, creating this blog/news website here called recently and having done many things in between.

Honestly, I don’t know how to end this post so let me just ask you to maybe consider joining my new Discord server to talk to me and other anime folks.

Thank you for reading!

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