My Hopes For One Piece Odyssey Are High, My Expectations Low

How long has it been since a really good One Piece RPG hit the scene? While that may be different from person to person, in my case it would be the first time. I haven’t played all One Piece RPG’s, not by a long shot, but Unlimited World Red and World Seeker … well, they exist. One Piece Odyssey has the chance to finally be the game fans have been waiting for for at least a decade. But will it?

One Piece Odyssey’s Premise

The story is simple:

At some point during their travels in the new world, the Straw Hat Pirates get stranded on an island. There, they the get separated and their powers get taken away! Next, the crew finds themselves fighting through memories of past adventures, trying to get a good outcome each time.

The gameplay is different from recent One Piece RPG’s in one simple way: It doesn’t rely on the ARPG live-action fighting, but instead goes for a more traditional JRPG fighting system. Queue turn-based combat.

Making the combat turn-based is not a bad thing. Especially seeing that One Piece Odyssey’s developer ILCA Inc. has had experience developing such games.

It Can’t Be Worse Than World Seeker, Right?

I’ll be absolutely honest. I lost my trail of thought. I forgot what I wanted to originally write here because of the shock that I just discovered checking out One Piece World Seeker on Steam.

A 79% positive rating for World Seeker really doesn’t relay my own feelings about this bland adventure. No, really. I only played 7.1 hours of World Seeker and am not planning on extending that playtime. I saw it as boring and bland.

However, let’s continue back to the matter at hand: One Piece Odyssey.

Odyssey’s Developer Kind Of Worries Me…

One Piece Odyssey is being developed by a relatively unknown Studio called ILCA Inc.

To be honest, seeing what ILCA has worked on in the past years is an impressive catalogue. The developer worked on great games such as NieR:Automata, Dragon Quest XI: S as well as the Pokémon Gen 4 remakes. The only thing that worries me:

What did they exactly do for these games?

NieR:Automata was developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix.
Dragon Quest XI was developed by Square Enix (in collaboration with some other studios) and also published by them.
Pokémon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond were developed by ILCA and published by The Pokémon Company.

Ah, there we go! It seems like the picture is getting a bit clearer. The Pokémon remakes were developed solely by ILCA. However, is that everything?

By looking at the history ILCA on the Japanese Wikipedia site, we can gather a bit more information.

NieR:Automata: ILCA did some video production.
Dragon Quest XI: ILCA cooperated on graphic development
And the Pokémon remakes are all clear.

It seems to me like ILCA has a clear area of expertise: graphics.

The thing I am worries about is that everything else apart from the graphics department gets a bit left behind.

The next thing that worries me is that half of ILCA’s worked-on games were mobile titles.

However, let’s give ILA the benefit of the doubt and hope they had enough time to polish the game. Crunch is bad.

Odyssey’s Publisher Definitely Worries Me.

As you might have been able to gather from my previous article on One Piece Thousand Storm. I have had problematic past experiences with Bandai Namco. And to this day, I am not the company’s biggest fan.

However, they are the sole right holder for One Piece software at this moment. So developers and fans are kind of at Bandai’s mercy.

What is worrying me is my intuition of Bandai’s publisher style. Crunch is bad. Yet, I reckon that this publisher is one that really, really heavily invests in hitting release dates. Past games had the tendency to feel a bit rushed.

But giving the benefit of the doubt once again: Bandai has the chance to win me back if this game feels polished enough.

Personally, A Lot Hinges On This Title’s Success

To conclude, One Piece Odyssey has a lot of potential. It can right past wrongs, tell a great story and immerse me. However, whether it will is a different question. I will be buying One Piece Odyssey at release, 12th of January 2023 on Steam. And I will give you my opinion.

Before that, I will give you my opinion on chanimeleon’s Discord server. So be sure to join that!

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