A Quick Guide to All DNF Duel Characters’ Persona || PART 3 of 3

This article will end the epic trilogy of the quick guide to all DNF Duel characters’ personas. If you have not read the previous Part 1 and Part 2, it is highly recommended to go through them first.

Now without any further delay, let us begin!


“Wait! Did he really take down ten trained fighters within ten seconds!? That son of a cowboy is nothing short of utter chaos!” ~ unknown

Ranger hails from the Gunner class in Dungeon Fighter Online. He is famously known as the cowboy of DNF Duel. Ranger is well-versed in the art of fist fighting and his dual silver pistols only make things worse for his enemies.

Ranger is so fast that most of the time his movements are nothing but blur lines! He keeps his opponent pinned down from afar and launches himself into a string of deadly fistfights when close. His awakening power lets him unleash a mayhem of bullets on his foes until they are finished off!


“I could not take my eyes off her. I… just couldn’t. While I was awestruck by her bewitching beauty, she finished me off.” ~ unknown

Striker belongs to the Female Fighter class in Dungeon Fighter Online. Her prettiness is often compared with that of Dragon Knight in DNF Duels. Striker executes her physical fighting skills with utmost precision such that it never misses their mark!

She is often hailed as the goddess of fighting. In any battle, her enemies dread driving her mad. Striker’s awakening state lets her beat the shit out of her opponents in a lightning burst of lethal physical attacks.

Swift Master

“All this time I thought of Swiss Master as a charming girl, LOL! As a guy myself, I refuse to believe I fell in love with another guy.” ~ unknown

Swift Master is part of the Male Mage class in Dungeon Fighter Online. He is one of the most powerful DNF Duel Characters. His deceptive innocent looks on the outside hide the wildest of nightmares on the inside!

Swift Master has the uncanny ability to control and command the winds. He can even pull his opponents towards him from a distance, making it impossible for them to flee. His awakening ability allows him to throw his enemies into a towering tornado where he unleashes his final killer onslaught.

Trouble Shooter

“If you are waging a war against someone but see the Trouble Shooter on their side, you know it is time to pack things up.” ~ unknown

Trouble Shooter is a member of the Agent class in Dungeon Fighter Online. Owing to his brutal fighting style, he is often regarded as the most badass of all DNF Duel Characters. On any battlefield, his opponents have only two options: run away or run away very fast.

Trouble Shooter wields a long square sword and keeps a sawed-off big-mouthed doubled-barreled shotgun. He excels at both long-range and short-range attacks. His awakening power makes him put a gigantic explosive mine underneath his enemy that shreds them to pieces!


“Is it true that his long lance is a devil’s weapon? They say that it feeds on his enemies’ souls to grow stronger!” ~ unknown

Vanguard hails from the Demonic Lancer class in Dungeon Fighter Online. He is one of the strongest characters in DNF Duel. Vanguard wields a long lance that is infamously known as a demonic lance due to its devilish powers!

Because of his long lance, Vanguard outperforms in ranged attacks. His opponents barely get any chance to close the gap between them. When awakened, Vanguard sets forth a series of cutting-edge lashes butchering his enemies into countless pieces!


“As if the current DNF Duel cast was not enough, you say there is another newcomer to the party? An outright blunder I must say!”

Spectre is part of the Female Slayer class in Dungeon Fighter Online. Her one arm is infected with the outlandish strength of the Majin. She wields a deadly katana and has good reach on the battlefield.

She recently got added to the DNF Duel character roster. She might be inexperienced in a DNF arena but this fact also makes her equally dangerous. What Spectre is truly capable of is yet to be seen!


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