A Quick Guide to All DNF Duel Characters’ Persona || PART 2 of 3

So, you couldn’t resist checking Part 2 of this quick guide to all DNF Duel Characters’ Personas after all!

It is recommended to start with Part 1 if you have not read it already. Now, without any further delay, let us begin!


“Rumor has it that if he manages to get a hold of you, not even God himself can force his hand to lose its grip on you!” ~ unknown

Grappler belongs to the Fighter class in Dungeon Fighter Online. In DNF Duel, he is the most lethal of all the characters in close-range combat. To date, no one has managed to escape from the might of his infamous grappling skills!

Even the sight of Grappler’s strong hands is enough to instill fear in many. He launches deadly combos and can practically shred his opponents to pieces with his bare hands. His awakening power makes his body rock solid, further buffing up his defenses.


“Isn’t it enough for you to know that if someone hires Hitman to finish you off, you are already finished!?” ~ unknown

Hitman hails from the Agent class in Dungeon Fighter Online. He is one of the most classic DNF Duel characters, wielding both a sword and a mini-Suzi. His puzzling use of weapons always catches his opponents off-guard!

Hitman is one of the “considered” perfect characters as he mercilessly slashes his opponents in close-range combat and blows them to pieces in long-range fights. His awakening ability, consisting of blur slashes and a hail of bullets, is often the last thing his enemies see before they are killed.


“Repent before she catches you. With her blazing flames of hellfire, the holy priestess will cleanse every ounce of evil within you!” ~ unknown

Inquisitor is part of the Female Priest class in Dungeon Fighter Online. She is a devotee character in DNF Duel. When fighting against her, opponents barely go on offense as she constantly pins them down!

Thanks to her large punishing axe, Inquisitor has a long reach. She also possesses high mobility; however, her heavy armor falsely gives off the other impression to her foes. When awakened, she becomes devilishly unholy as she incinerates her enemies into burnt ashes.


“Some say she is a ninja; some say she is a fire sorcerer; some say she is an assassin while some say she is a thief… who is she?” ~ unknown

Kunoichi belongs to the Thief class in Dungeon Fighter Online. She is one of the most charming DNF Duel characters. Kunoichi prides herself in being able to master so many crafts that stun her enemies in awe.

With a big arsenal of weapons and magic, Kunoichi takes down her foes in the utmost spectacular style. She loves to toy with and exhaust her opponents. Her awakened state bestows her with a mighty blade and wings of blazing fire that she uses to take a final plunge down at her enemies.


“Every time I face her, she has a different weapon ready up her sleeves. For god’s sake, why can’t she stick with only one weapon!?” ~ unknown

Launcher hails from the Gunner class in Dungeon Fighter Online. In DNF Duel, she wields the largest number of weapons than any other character. Launcher surprises her foes with a different weapon each time they face her!

From Rocket Launchers and Space Missiles to Chain Guns and Laser Beams, she has access to almost every weapon in between. She blasts, shoots, and bombs her enemies with any weapon at will. Her awakened form gives Launcher access to a gigantic rail gun that launches a supercharged shot at her opponents.

Lost Warrior

“He may look human but he is not one of us! Have you seen that hole in his abdomen?” ~ unknown

Lost Warrior is the boss character of DNF Duel that is initially locked. He can be unlocked only after completing the game’s story mode. Being alone for so long, he has forgotten his name. All he has is his battered sword and worn-out garments.

Nobody knows what he is truly capable of and what gloomy secrets he hides. Lost Warrior can seemingly control time and space via the hole in his body. His awakening power completely immobilizes his enemies as he brutally butchers them off.

Final Thoughts

As seen above, DNF Duel characters are truly in a league of their own! Do you agree with us? Join our Discord community today and share your thoughts with us!

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