A Quick Guide to All DNF Duel Characters’ Persona || PART 1 of 3

Released in June 2022, DNF Duel is the latest game from Arc System Works. With its aesthetic selection of fighting characters from the DFO franchise, this anime game packs a power punch for everyone!

Each character in DNF Duel is unique in terms of abilities as well as persona. Ranging from Dragon Knight’s treacherous beauty to Ranger’s classic American Cowboy style, DNF Duel characters cater to each taste!

Check out the following quick guide to all the DNF Duel characters’ personas.


DNF Duel Characters Berserker

“He is the very definition of madness! When fighting against him, just make sure not to earn his anger, or else…RIP” ~ unknown

Berserker hails from the Slayer Class in Dungeon Fighter Online and is a top-notch DNF Duel character. He is possessed by the Kazan Demon in his left arm and is a nightmare for all his opponents!

Berserker can deal a significant amount of damage within a blink of an eye. When frenzied by his bloodlust, he will even inflict “white” damage on himself to intensify his rage and power. His awakening effect enables him to suck out his enemies’ health bar while increasing his own at the same time.


DNF Duel Characters Crusader

“Amidst the mayhem and chaos, our only hope is the Holy Crusader. Hang on brothers, we will see the light yet again.” ~ unknown

Crusader belongs to the Male Priest class in Dungeon Fighter Online. Blessed by God himself, he is famously known as the Paladin of DNF Duel. All those causing wreckage and disruption dread his Hammer of Justice!

Crusader’s massive build allows him to deal tremendous damage in single-hit attacks. He can summon a holy wall behind his enemies to prevent them from fleeing, cornering them. Furthermore, his awakening effect boasts up his defenses, effectively making him an impenetrable wall in front of his enemies.

Dragon Knight

DNF Duel Characters Dragon Knight

“She is treacherously beautiful and her little brat is deceptively adorable! No male warrior, in his right mind, can stand a chance against her.” ~ unknown

Dragon Knight is part of the Knight class from Dungeon Fighter Online. She is the most charming among all of the DNF Duel characters. Her perfect coordination with her tiny partner results in a downright victory every time!

Dragon Knight is very nimble and agile. When she takes to the air, no opponent can stand on the ground much longer. She commands dragons and her awakening effect makes it all the easier to endlessly call on the might of dragons.


DNF Duel Characters Enchantress

“She bewitches you with her enchanting traits and aghast you with her demonic pet bear! Just one interaction and you will never be the same…” ~ unknown

Enchantress hails from the Mage class in Dungeon Fighters Online. She is one of the most captivating DNF Duel characters and keeps a terrifying diabolic clown beer with her all the time that has its own set of unique fighting skills!

Enchantress has mastered the perfect way to dodge, i.e., teleporting. When done the right way, her enemies can hit nothing but the thin air in front of them. When she uses her awakening skill, opponents come across a completely different enemy that is as lethal as is unpredictable.


DNF Duel Characters Ghost Blade

“He is not alone, never is. When you are up against him, watch your back, front, up, down, right, left, and whatever you possibly can!” ~ unknown

Ghostblade belongs to the Slayer Class in Dungeon Fighter Online. He is an over-the-top bone-chilling character in DNF Duel whose best friend is none but a deadly yet loyal ghost!

Thanks to his katana, Ghostblade has a long reach and can deal tons of damage from practically anywhere on the battlefield. Ghostblade takes pride in his jaw-dropping flashy moves that stun his enemies as much as it baffles them. When in the awakened state, Ghostblade’s power increases tenfold.


This is only Part 1 of our quick guide to all the DNF Duel Characters’ Persona. Don’t forget to check out Part 2 and Part 3!

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