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Yuru Camp – Perfection Through Realism

Yuru Camp is an anime directed by AfRO and debuted in 2018, with a unique and expressive Iyashikei or slice-of-life genre and a realistic backstory.

Yuru Camp had a significant economic effect on Yamanashi Prefecture. Yamanashi Prefecture is used for background scenery animation. Yuru Camp also has animated food that looks delicious. These things are top-notch and add to the series’s relaxing vibes. Now we will review the anime Yuru Camp using these four criteria; story, visual music, character development, and background scenery. Ikuzoo

Yuru Camp’s simple and realistic story helped me relax while watching it; this anime invites the audience to go out of the house and teaches the delights of camping and outdoor activities. Yuru Camp’s plot revolves around exploring prefectures in Japan, mainly in the Chubu region, as a pastime. Their hobby also teaches the audience, when needed, the do’s and don’ts of camping, as well as how to get started in the camping hobby.

Yuru Camp; Story

This anime has a fresh story with a new experience while watching it. Yuru Camp is the story of new beginnings, new experiences, and new friendships. Shima Rin is a lone camper with a cool personality and has made camping a part of her life. In the first episode, she was camping near Motosuko-lake, and at the same time, she met Nadeshiko Kagamihara. Nadeshiko Kagamihara moved from Shizuoka to Yamanashi.

She decided to see Mt. Fuju as it appears on the 1000 yen bill. She only makes it partway, and she eventually falls asleep near a restroom. Shima Rin’s kindness saved Nadeshiko from cold and starvation when they met late at night; Nadeshiko, too, did not know how to get home, but Rin assisted her, and their meeting becomes the start of a new friendship and adventure for both Rin and Nadeshiko.

Shima Rin, the main character, on the other hand, mostly explores the camp area alone. Rin’s side of the story explores what it’s like to be a camping hobbyist and shows the audience the experience she has accumulated over time. For example, should check the internet first for the information the location wants to explore, such as if the location is open or closed on that day. Rin also popularizes lesser-known tourism destinations in Japan, attracting visitors from both domestic and foreign countries. These things are uncommon in other anime, which is frequently more focused with the plot.

Yuru Camp also shows the audience many things that may not be apparent off the bat. Throughout the season, we see characters grow, the passage of time as the story progresses, and opportunities. Nadeshiko moved on from her old life to enter a new one. Many people moving on, leaving their old lives behind, allows us to see what it feels like to discover something new, and if you have a positive outlook on things, everything will be fine. I thought Yuru Camp’s story is simple, relates to the real world, and makes a non-monotonous impression on the audience.

Visual and Music

Yuru Camp’s animation is exceptional, and the scenery animation is a beautiful background that is similar to real places. Mt. Fuji looks stunning in blue and white. The setting of Yuru Camp is the main draw of this anime. Yuru Camp’s music and back sound performances impressed the audience; these soothing back sounds are relatable to the animated background. The visuals of the characters are not excessive and simple, making Yuru Camp fans not disgusting. A piece of animation, such as the food at the campground, looks delicious, mainly when Nadeshiko is eating, which increases the audience’s hunger. Overall, the lovely background landscape, pleasant soundtrack, and delicious food animations are top-notch and add to the anime’s relaxing vibes.

Character development

The character development of Yuru Camp is very hyper-realistic, Shima Rin who does her hobby alone slowly begins to open up when she meets the cheerful Nadeshiko. Rin’s POV, when thought camping activities were better enjoyed alone, began to see how camping could be enjoyed with a group and alone. 

Nadeshiko is also well-represented in Yuru Camp, where a cheerful person can be friends with a loner. Nadeshiko also discovered the joy of camping through Rin. She also began to build up her camping experience through members of the Outdoor Activities club. Appreciation for food and her newfound love for camping brought the audience else together for the camp.

Oogaki’s hard work and responsibility are evident at Yuru Camp; despite working at a beer shop, she never drinks a sip of beer from that shop, and the money she earns from her part-time job is used to expand the club she has founded. Oogaki is always grateful, even though the school only provides an unused and small room for their club, which is why the club members become more crowded throughout the anime.

Inuyama Aoi’s character development is also not excessive. She has good comedy and great responsibility. After school, she works part-time, and the income from work is used to help the needs of the outdoor activity club. The goal is purchasing some tools needed to do all of the activities of the club that she has created with Chiaki Oogaki.

Background scenery

One of Yuru Camp’s masterpieces is depicting backgrounds from real-world references. Due to Yuru Camp’s background being almost 95% taken from reality references, some fictional such as shops, products, or food names, the audience can visit the places in Yuru Camp directly. So, the representation of the background is near perfect. The names of the places visited by the characters of Yuru Camp are also mentioned in the background.

After watching this anime, Yuru Camp locations animate watchers to visit the real-life counterparts. The locations explored in Yuru Camp are mostly in the Chubu area, primarily in the Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures. Yuru Camp characters visit many scenic areas and campsites with a view of Mt. Fuji. If you enjoy camping and anime, these things are a great way to know about the locations and conditions of camping in rural Japan, particularly near Mount Fuji. It can also be used as an alternative to seeing the anime background in real life.

Yuru Camp Overall rating: 10/10

My first impression of watching this anime was that it kept me entertained. Especially when Shima Rin was eating the instant noodle cup, which I also made and ate right away. The storyline of Yuru Camp is not flat and not monotonous if compared to the anime “Super Cub”. Of course, Yuru Camp is much better and a masterpiece. Yuru Camp’s music has left an unforgettable impression on me. The insert song, opening, and closing are relatable and perfect.

The character development is hyper-realistic and depicts how this real-world works. Like the start of a new life after a long time living the old life, responsibility, and gratitude for the world that was created. Yuru Camp’s background scenery describes another side of the beauty of Japan. In Japan there are so lot cities and prefectures and not only Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Yuru Camp really explores the Chubu area that not many people know about. If you are an otaku or anime fan, you should watch Yuru Camp from now on, and save your money so you can explore anime reality in Japan!

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