Pokémon without Ash and Pikachu?

Pokémon Without Ash Ketchum and Pikachu? How Will That Work?

After announcements of Ash Ketchum leaving the Pokémon Anime after the current season, two new protagonists have been revealed. This new series will start in 2023, following this new duo through the Paldea region.

The Announcement of New Protagonists

If you follow Pokémon’s Twitter, you might have already seen the news. Otherwise, here you go:

This confirms it. Ash and Pikachu will see their final adventure come to a close soon. Ash, in the meanwhile not growing past the age of 10. Oh well.

The announcement, too, allows us a look at the new protagonists coming to the Pokémon anime in 2023. A suspiciously blue-clothed girl and suspiciously red-dressed boy seem to indicate that Sprigatito will be the odd one out of the starters. Figures. Leaving the objectively best starter out of the fray.

But we’ll see what the showrunners of Pokémon over at OLM, Inc. think about the continued story. This development does bear a certain risk with it, however.

The Risk Lies Not with Ash Leaving the Anime

Ash is not the problem. The new Pokémon anime protagonists also will not be a problem. But who is the single most revenue-generating character in the Pokémon franchise?


The Pokémon Company is really taking a risk with the strategy of letting Pikachu go. If you scroll up just a bit to the Pokémon Twitter account, you’ll see that Pikachu is the profile picture.

Thanks to the anime, Pikachu is the most recognisable Pokémon out there. So what is the end goal? Are the producers tired of Pikachu hogging the limelight for 25 years? Maybe. Maybe they want to allow someone else to become best pal.

But there is no denying that leaving behind Pikachu is a significant risk. I personally don’t think anymon can gather such a significant presence about themselves.

Pokémon Without Pikachu Could Break The Franchises Success

There is no “too big to fail” when it comes to entertainment. A bunch of franchises could just gobble up the remains of Pokémons success. And in a few years, nobody would bat an eye.

It probably won’t be as bad as I made it out to be. After all, the games are the centerpiece of the franchise. And they haven’t prominently featured Pikachu since Let’s Go Pikachu! Nonetheless, I dread to see everything the people behind Pokémon worked for go to waste.

This incredible franchise deserves to live and I hope they can somehow make it work without Pikachu.

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