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Oniichan wa Oshimai! EP 1 Review: This Is Unnecessarily Lewd.

Episode 1 of the seasonal anime Oniichan wa Oshimai (OniMai) is out. What from the onset seems somewhat weird as a story premise, remains just that after watching. Weird. The reason for that sentiment is simple. The focus lies heavily on the main key difference between women and men. And when the main character is depicted as a middle schooler, this makes watching it as an adult … weird.

The Premise of Oniichan wa Oshimai

One can explain the story quite easily. First off, there is the brother Mahiro, a shut-in NEET who one day wakes up as a girl. As it turns out, his sister Mihari, an academical overachiever turned him into a girl by spiking his drink. Poor guy. The story therefore revolves around Mahiro finding out how it is to live as a girl. Furthermore, he learns to live “normally” once again, as the reason for him being turned female is that Mihari wants him to not be a NEET anymore.

The Problems of OniMai

The problems immediately arise, as this adult man with a love for ero-games has been turned into what looks like a middle school girl. This means out main characters “grows” to become between the ages of 12 to 15.

As a result, Mahiro is right around the legal age in Japan, which is 14. Lolicons rejoice.

Now, the problem comes with the main premise of this first episode. While the innocence is cute to witness, exploring of sexual themes makes the whole affair very questionable.

However, I understand this was (hopefully) not the intent. Whereas this apparent problem exists, something else will make me continue watching this seasonal anime.

The Promising Future

Let us talk about what makes this anime’s story exciting to witness.

Are you a NEET?
If your answer is yes, don’t continue reading.
If your answer is no, then would you like to be a NEET?
However, If your answer is “What is a NEET?”, let me explain it to you.

NEET is an acronym for Not in Employment, Education or Training. The term is used to describe people who live off of social benefits or utilise “Hotel Mama”.

So I’ll ask the important question once again:

Would you like to be a NEET?

Hopefully not. And that is (hopefully) the message the mangaka and the animation studio want to get across in the long run. We’ll have to see how the story turn out, however that premise would make watching the anime worth it.


I am going to continue watching this anime, hoping for less sexual themes. I would rate episode 1 a 6.5/10. The aforementioned story premise in the back of my head is the only reason I will continue watching.

If you want to debate my opinion, feel free to do so on chanimeleon’s Discord server!

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