JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Anime Review

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean – The fifth season of JJBA anime and the sixth part of the franchise, follows Jolyne Kuujou, the daughter of Jotaro Kuujou – the prequels main character (Part 3/4). She will be the victim of tragedy when her boyfriend injures a pedestrian during a rainy evening. Trying to cover up the crime, Jolyne helps her boyfriend hide the body. Jolyne will be charged as an accomplice to the crime and receive a sentence of 15 years in Green Dolphin Street Prison. While in prison she will receive a mysterious package from her father Jotar. The girl then falls into the netherworld, and when she wakes up, she discovers her powers, which are identical to those possessed by her father. The first 12 episodes of this series consistently follow the manga’s plot and cover the first 50 in said twelve episodes.

Story of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

The story begins immediately, without any secondary introduction. From the very beginning, we are introduced to the central events, and gradually we get the background against which the action takes place.

Stone Ocean represents the final part of the original story about JoJo’s adventures. Remember that the action is set in a prison, which significantly limits the story’s development and leaves little room for action. As those who watched remember, the last parts took place in different countries, even on different continents.

However, the anime maintains its dynamics despite these limitations and keeps its narrative focus, making the story exciting and easy to follow. All episodes so far push the story forward, many unexpected characters appear, and there are a handful of twists and turns that surprise with their dynamics but still do not betray the basic plot. A lot of chaos, a feature of JoJo’s adventures series, gives a recognizable and authentic tone that we expect from this anime.

The pace at which the story develops is high, which is usual for this anime, but everything is tight and meaningful. There is no gasification regarding the narrative flow, but everything is compact and harmonious.


The visual segment and animation are reminiscent of the last part of this franchise, Golden Wind. Here too, we have a much-reduced saturation, with less focus on details.

Although, in some features, the need for more lights and a slightly more dynamic visual context is felt, this anime still amazes me with its ability to adapt visually to the needs of the plot. Here we have darker notes compared to the manga of the same name. However, this does not fundamentally reduce the enjoyment that this series provides.

Soundtrack of Stone Ocean

As for the sound, those who follow this franchise know that it is one of the most authentic when it comes to soundtracks. This part is also not an exception in that sense. It is already visible after watching the first episode that the music producers made an effort to make all the sound effects contribute to the dynamics of the plot and complete the action.

The sounds in Jolyne’s fight scenes make them unique and memorable. Although, unlike some previous episodes, the music, despite being good, is not revolutionary, as was the case with some earlier parts of this franchise.

Stone Ocean Characters

Jolyne is the kind of character that constantly develops and grows, and always after the difficulties in which he finds himself. In the beginning, we see her having trouble understanding how her possibilities even exist and how she becomes obsessive about them. During her fight with White Snake, we see her slowly gaining control over her powers and beginning to understand how she can use these powers to destroy her opponents and stay one step ahead of them. So that her fights will be much easier and simpler. We will repeatedly see this scenario in almost every battle against White Snake, the Foo Fighters, Jumping Jack, Miraschon and other characters.

Interestingly, the display of the development of the powers is separate from parts 3 and 4. And this is because the main characters in these parts are shown when they have mastered their powers. Unlike them, Jolyne learns about his unique abilities and does not have much time to master them, which is the case with Kujo Jotaro and Higashikata Josuke, the main characters of the mentioned parts of this franchise. The depth of the characters, which should be underlined because it is perhaps the most substantial aspect of this anime, is illustrated by the fact that almost the entire series is free of meaningless dialogues.

On the contrary, we see a lot of internal monologues, even with characters that are not crucial to the plot itself. In this way, there is no idle time, and the possibility to peek into the characters’ introspection gives us additional pleasure. In this way, the dynamics of the plot allow us to quickly adapt to the characters’ relationships and allows what we will often encounter in Stone Ocean, which is how our heroine attacks her opponents. Unlike her father, who does so stoically, Jolyne takes advantage of their moments of inattention and resignation and hardly chooses the moment to strike.

This is very interesting, especially when compared to the way her father attacks. There is a noticeable moral difference and a completely different worldview, which is very thoughtful and intensely worked out. This series is the most exciting part because it connects with the last parts sincerely and shows that everything has a cause-and-effect relationship. In this sense, the characters in this part are very unorthodox and utterly different from those we have had the opportunity to meet in JoJo’s Adventures franchise.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures is another must-watch anime that dazzles the eye with its beauty and brilliance. Stone Ocean is no exception, despite being almost entirely different from its predecessors in some aspects. Interestingly, you won’t need to know all the previous parts to enjoy Stone Ocean, and that’s precisely because of the well-designed characters that are at the same time independent but also strictly connected to the overall narrative of this unforgettable franchise. Tell us how you liked this anime in our discord server!

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