How Cute can DIY be? – Do It Yourself!! Anime Review

The fourth industrial revolution has happened. Self-driving busses carry students to school and drones deliver packages everywhere. In this semi-futuristic scene, one club preserves the old ways. Welcome to Do It Yourself!! A lovely little anime showing the daily life of students in a club perceived to be old-fashioned.

Synopsis Do It Yourself – Episode 1

Yua Serufu is an easy-go-lucky student who wasn’t accepted to the local private high school. Much to the dismay of her neighbour and childhood friend Suride Miku. Serufu, in her clumsy and dreamy manner, happened to hit a light pole while riding her bicycle one morning. Hurting herself and her bike, Serufu sat down on the floor, worrying about not coming to school on time.

Luckily, an upperclassman called Yasaku Rei just happened to ride past on her motorised roller skates. She pulled out her tools and fixed the broken bike. Before Serufu could properly thank Rei, however, the orange-haired upperclassman rode off.

After Serufu made it to school, she searched for the handy upperclassman, quickly finding her in a shed behind the school. There, Rei worked on a self-made bookshelf. Our protagonist was in awe of that handiness.

Later, Serufu was daydreaming again, looking out from her room window. There she saw a space in her neighbour’s garden on which a bench used to be. Way back when, the two used to play together there, however, their relationship had changed.

Wanting to rekindle the friendship, Serufu dreamt of building a new bench to relive the old memories. With that wish in mind, she went back to the shed, wanting to meet Rei to make a bench together.

There, Serufu walked in on Rei and the school nurse talking about Rei’s club, which wasn’t allowed to persist should she not find five members. This club, which Serufu would be somewhat forced to join, was the DIY club, or the “Do It Yourself”-club.

Do It Yourself – A Great Slice-of-Life Comedy

This anime is amazing. If you are a fan on peaceful slice-of-life anime like Non Non Biyori, you are going to have a blast.

Do It Yourself has a diverse cast of characters while keeping it all-female. Different kinds of personalities clash, however, all get along at the end of the day. While most girls follow specific stereotypes, crucially they don’t feel like cookie-cutter characters. Especially Serufu, the main character, feels dynamic, engaging and just like an outright sweetheart.

While some people are disappointed by this seasonal show, I cannot share that sentiment. The artstyle is beautifully minimalistic. The sound design is absolutely fitting in every situation.

If I were to note anything negatively, the OP sounds like your standard comedy anime intro. It’s got nothing going for itself. Nothing to separate it from other intro songs.
Also, if you are a purist for native English-speaking in anime, you might get a headache following Juliet. Apparently, she is from the US, but she has a French-VERY British name (you’ll see if you watch it) and well, the VA doesn’t have the best English in the world.

But if you can look past that, Do It Yourself will be a very enjoyable experience.

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  1. I have to rescind my opinion on the OP.
    It has grown on me after watching a few more episodes. I’m even listening to it as I write this.


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