Demon Slayer Season 2 Anime Review

Although Demon Slayer Season 2 has attracted an enormous amount of criticism and that, on the face of it, a lot can be rightly criticised for the technical aspect of this anime series, one thing is sure: Demon Slayer is the most watched anime series at the moment. In this review, we will try to explain why this is so, but also to point out things that could be better in the next season, so let’s start from the beginning.

One of the most popular anime series, Demon Slayer, is back on the small screen with Entertainment District Arc. This now-famous arc follows Tanjirou, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, aided by the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzi, on their way to Yoshiwara to hunt down the demons infesting the city. The anime adaptation of Demon Slayer was made by Ufotable studio, and the series was directed by Haruo Sotozaki.

Interestingly only the first episode is given in double length, while the rest are in a standard format, except for the last one, which is slightly longer than the others. In the original Japanese, this series is known under name Kimetsu no Yaiba Yuukaku-hen.


This has been discussed a lot and is still being discussed. Opinions are divided when it comes to the actual plot of this series. Some argue that the story is incredible and the best aspect of the series. In contrast, others firmly believe that this is the weakest point of the series and that the plot is inconsistent and fails all expectations.

Indeed, a good part of this kind of reception is determined by the fact that the first season of Demon Slayer set a high standard and huge expectations of the audience, so we can safely say that anything but pure perfection would be met with a lot of criticism. Anyway, the question remains, is this season really that good, or are many critics right?

The story begins extraordinarily. Hashira is kidnapped, and the main characters Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke happen to be there and suddenly start searching for the lost girl. The strangest thing is that a girl we know couldn’t even fight being kidnapped by a demon who killed thousands of people. Randomness plays a significant role in a quality anime series like Demon Slayer. Of course, the surprise factor is huge and draws us into the story from the first second of the first episode, but some questions remain in the air.

However, the further development of the story is even stranger. The way the characters try to infiltrate the Red Light District is even more problematic. The atmosphere that the director tried to build in this season is at the same time cheerful and evil. Not leaning towards either side, it remains unclear and uncomfortable to watch the first few episodes until the second part of this season. Only in the second part does the series become severe, and the authentic atmosphere characteristic of the Demon Slayer series begins to be created – serious, full of charge and excitement.

Be that as it may, we still saw the excitement that we expected from this series from the beginning. Although the plot was not that brilliant, the fights that followed in the second part of this season are remarkable. This especially applies to the final battles.

Demon Slayer season two also deals with some fascinating parallels between characters like Tanjiro and Nezuko and the series’ villain, Daki. To a large extent, these relationships and the exploitation of the Tanjiro powers made the second season outstanding and worth watching. The characters’ dynamics and the powers we discover as we move through the series make up for the flaws in the plot itself.


The second season of Demon Slayer also brought a mix of different characters. This is the aspect in which the series definitely shined the most and is an absolute revelation when we talk about anime characters in general. One of the characters that will delight you from episode to episode is Inosuke, who represents one of the most intriguing and awesome characters in the entire series.

Inosuke is much more developed compared to the previous season. His progress on a psychological level is visible, and that leaves an awe-inspiring impression. From a character who was annoying at the core, Inosuke has now become an independent character who can make independent decisions, which is beautiful to see. The relationship between Tanjiro and Nezuko significantly influences the dynamics of Demon Slayer Season 2. A relationship that works quite well and carries the series forward.

One of the exciting characters appearing in this part for the first time is Tengen Uzi, The Sound Hashira and his three wives, together with the villain Daki.

Tengen is an interesting character, but he needs to be more developed. He is both a ninja and a flamboyant simultaneously, which is truly unique and unique. Indeed, that potential still needs to be fully developed. This is not the case with the villain Daki. She is one of the most compelling characters in the second season of Demon Slayer. Excellent parallels are drawn between the main plot and Daki’s life story, so the whole series draws a lot from that parallel, bringing suspense and excitement to the series itself.

Animation and Music

When we talk about this aspect of Demon Slayer Season 2, it is no exaggeration to say that we are talking about perfection. This season looks unreal due to the high quality of its visual identity. Like almost all Ufotable studio works, Demon Slayer set the standard for animation. The environments, the lighting, the atmosphere, and most of all, the fighting parts, are made with so much care that a separate text is needed to talk about all these details. The animation doesn’t get any better than this!

The music in this series is also great! The soundtracks sound incredibly good, are original and fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the Entertainment District. The opening for the second season is incredible, and in addition to the excellent animation, the music is also responsible for that. Conclusion Demon Slayer season two is a fantastic anime; although some strange parts could have been better, in the end, it still leaves a positive impression and satisfaction after watching. We expected more, but we still got at least some of what we expected. Indeed, our expectations were influenced by the last part, as well as the Demon Slayer movie, which is incredible in its own way and sets high standards that were challenging to follow.


With all that in mind, it’s clear why opinions on Demon Slayer’s second season are divided. Some are overwhelmed by the flaws in the plot, and others are bought forever by the story’s explosiveness and the animation’s beauty. This is for sure, we will watch this season again and again, and we can only add that we can’t wait for the release of the third season of Demon Slayer. What do you think about this season? Have you watched it yet? Write to us on our Discord!

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