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DanMachi Helped Me Getting Back Into Watching Anime

It’s confession time. I’ve been an on-and-off weeb over the last few years. I had a significant phase around 2013, then started watching again around 2016, starting One Piece’s epic journey. That lasted until about 2020. Then it all stopped. However, during COVID lockdowns, I returned to the scene a bit. On a roundabout way. I would like to tell you my story of reinvigorated weebificiation.

How Lockdowns Indirectly Caused My Return

Here’s the deal. During COVID, I started playing Genshin Impact. At around the same time, I became interested in voice acting. The first gig I had in voicing became a German fan dub of Genshin, in which I played Kaeya.

This journey of starting with voicing led me through the depths of the internet and Discord. At some point, I found out about a little community of aspiring VAs who would host impromptu sessions. During this time, I started watching DanMachi and subsequently, with a person from the VA Discord, started having a regular Danmachi DnD session.

I don’t know what exactly led me to re-enter the anime space then. All I know now is that I never wanted to go away. And for now, I’ll be staying.

What DanMachi is About

But for now, let’s get back on topic. DanMachi is an anime spanning several seasons already.

The show is about Bell Cranel. He wants to be an adventurer so much that he desperately searches for a god to take him on. After getting rejected by every acclaimed familia, he found his calling with Hestia, a goddess without any children.

Under her guidance, Bell starts building a familia and becomes stronger with each episode, aiming to surpass his friendly rival Ais Wallenstein. Watch as the ever-expanding group of adventurers takes on ever-stronger foes.

DanMachi is Great! And Ongoing! Get Watching!

Now, DanMachi is great. It’s world is built intrinsically well. The characters are diverse and well fleshed out. Voice acting is on point. There is barely any reason to not watch it!

If you can bare with a harem anime in which the main character doesn’t feel romantically, then go watch it!

It’s on Crunchyroll and season 1 is even on Amazon Prime! I highly recommend watching if you like medieval or RPG settings.

If you want to read more on current and past anime, check this out! And if you want to join an upcoming community for discussing anime, manga and Japanese games, this discord server will help you out!

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