Buddy Daddies

Buddy Daddies is an anime released in Winter 2023 Season. Find out all details you need to know here!

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Alternative title:

  • バディ・ダディズ (Japanese)

Start of Show: January 6th, 2023

Plot Summary: Assassins Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa meet Miri, a girl looking for her father on Christmas Day. Kazuki, Rei, and Miri unexpectedly end up living together.
Source: ANN

Tags: Comedy

Buddy Daddies Trailer

Where to Watch

Buddy Daddies is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

Episode 1 Review

Alright, let me start off completely bluntly: This is great! I got a feeling that between Tomo-chan and this, Winter 2023 has some great comedy series going.

The Premise

Basically, you’ve got 2 assassins that live together. Then one day, the blonde one, Kazuki, finds a small girl on the job. Now she hadn’t been with her father ever. He basically left the mother before the daughter was born.

And it seems like one day the mother was fed up with this, as she sends off Miri to find her father for Christmas (or more likely, Miri just ran off).

Anyways, Kazuki, while on the job and under immense stress just goes screw it and tells Miri “I’m your father”. He, in the meanwhile, was a father himself but didn’t know his daughter. So it could very well be that Kazuki is actually Miri’s father.

The Execution

Now this episode one of Buddy Daddies couldn’t have been executed better. It’s funny, filled with action and even heart-warming at time.

The drawing style is great, the sound design is beautiful!

I recommend everyone to watch this anime. At least watch the first episode! And then decide whether you want to continue.

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