Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Anime Review

In the last text, we wrote about the Attack on Titan manga. In this article, we are writing about an anime series of the same name. We will not ask, “Is it better to read manga or watch anime?” because we believe it is best to read and watch. Indeed, both forms have their advantages and disadvantages and should not be dismissed lightly. Let’s move on to analysing the Attack on Titan anime series.

Anime and manga difference

In the previous text, we mentioned some of the main differences between manga and anime. Here we will underline a few more meaningful and less significant differences. However, they are not of decisive importance for the very meaning and outcome of the story. Instead, the differences exist at the level of the story’s pace, which again has more to do with the medium than its content.

However, it is noticeable, for example, that in the anime series, Sasha plays a much more significant role than in the case of the manga. There are also some scientific differences in the dialogues and the appearance of the characters (this will especially be the case when Mappa studio takes responsibility for the graphic identity of the Attack on Titan series). Also, many manga fans agree that manga is more advanced than anime series.

On the other hand, the AoT series definitely brought a flood of anime formats to the West. Only a few anime series were set in the Western World before the advent of AoT.

Many say that the AoT anime series is the Game of Thrones anime of the world, and that is not without reason. This series will leave you breathless precisely because of the speed with which the narrative moves and the surprising twists in the main and side stories. Of course, you will get some time, but only enough time to get a breath of air.

Attack on Titan anime story line

Now let’s focus more on some of the features of the story itself, which is one of the main reasons this anime is so popular and why it is already an all-time classic. And this is true when we talk about the anime format and TV shows.

First of all, it should be noted that despite all the digressions and sudden turns, the story is coherent, uniform and meaningful. Each scene has its own meaning. The beginning, development and end are harmoniously arranged and very meaningfully integrated. When some new characters or new events are introduced into the story, their points always come at the right time and are in the right place. Thus, the entire series narrative has almost no idle time, but everything is meaningful and placed precisely where it should be. It is also incredible that a series with so many episodes has no filler episodes.

It’s also amazing how detail-oriented the AoT series is. Each episode is accompanied by facts that further draw you into this complex world. Thus, in short passages of a few seconds during each episode, you will get information about how high the walls surround Shiganshina, how big the Titan is compared to humans, you will even get information about the technological development of the human race, etc. This way, viewers can get a more realistic impression of the world where people fight against titans.

The story’s development and the substantial twist left me breathless. The story could develop in several directions, but the order in which the narrative developed never occurred to me. The Attack on Titan series story left many jaws hanging in the air.


In addition to its impeccable storytelling, Attack on Titan offers some of the most vibrant and exciting characters ever created. Even though there is a hierarchy of characters that can be roughly divided into primary, secondary and supporting characters, one should not think that the story follows the logic of this hierarchy. Secondary and supporting characters can be just as crucial for the dynamics and meaning of the story as the main ones. More attentive viewers will notice that all the characters have some sense and, in a certain way, contribute to the story’s development. None of the characters was added to fill space but contributed to the story’s outcome.

In addition, the author of AoTa is not afraid to sacrifice certain characters for the sake of the plot. This is the most common case, as new characters are often introduced into the story so that it can further develop in a meaningful but unpredictable direction.

Visual aspect

On top of everything mentioned, Attack on Titan is a visual masterpiece. From how the characters and the world are designed to the titans and the fights, this series leaves an unforgettable visual experience. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the music accompanying this anime is top-notch. Each track contributes to the intensity and charges that the series possesses, and together with the visual aspect, rounds off the entire story and creates an unrepeatable whole. Attack on Titan is the winner of one of the most prestigious awards in animation for the scene in which Captain Levi fights his mentor and the man who saved his life, Kenny. You can watch that now-famous scene here.


All in all, Attack on Titan is a fantastic series that will not leave you indifferent. You can love or dislike it, but once you watch a few episodes, you cannot hate this anime or erase it from your head. Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Levi, Erwin, Sasha and others will make you unforgettable moments watching them fight for life and freedom for their families and the people they love. A special show is ahead of you! If we had to rate this series on a scale of one to ten, it would be twelve. After all, to ensure we’re not exaggerating, watch “Attack on Titan” yourself, summarize your impressions, and share them with us. We guarantee you will be more than delighted with this fantastic story at the top of the best stories ever written!

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